I'm still here

October 23, 2014

Hi, Dave here. Well, who else would it be.

This post has less purpose than the last. It has one purpose and no real content. That purpose is to say “I’m still here, and I still blog, I just don’t have anything really worth blogging about now.”

No, I must write something. Hold on. Let me think. What has happened that might be worth writing about since last time?

Well, the identity of the company I work for as lead Android developer has been quietly disclosed. As such it’s now actually listed on my LinkedIn profile.

And I’m still running. I’ve changed my regular route. It’s now about 25% greater by distance travelled, but about 50% lesser by altitude ascended. And, at least in recent weeks, I’ve been running more regularly than ever.

I finally got around to breaking out my email server into its own box. Previously my websites and email were hosted on a single VPS, all manually configured. Now I host my email using mailinabox on a separate VPS. I just need to simplify the still-manually-configured web VPS now.

That’s about it. I told you I didn’t have anything worth talking about.