On blogging about blogging about not blogging

July 10, 2014

On the paws of T’s razor sharp response to Adam’s lighting fast follow up submission I find myself compelled to spiel about nothing write something. What follows is all I can improvise at this late hour. Sometimes making a start on something, no matter how bad that start may be, is better than waiting for the perfect day. The time I have will force this to brief by my standards, which may by many others’ be considered normal length.

The last time I said anything here vaguely related to my life itself – as opposed to some of the obscure artifacts that facilitate parts of it – was over two years ago, in 180 Degrees and 3 Months Later. What’s happened since?

Well. Work wise the company I work for is still ostensibly in “stealth mode”, which is just as well because work is not my life and talking about work would be cheating for the purposes of this post.

And that said, two years is perhaps too much for one post. So what have I done lately?

Here’s one thing: I’ve taken up running. Although that’s not so much just lately. For a long time I couldn’t – much to my puzzlement given my relative proficiency on a bike. Over the course of the last two years I’ve been slowly but surely building it up. Two years is a bit of an approximation, but I’m not the data curator I once was (and I consider my new state an improvement). By no means is it regular running or even serious sprinting. It might perhaps be best described as joyful jogging. Just yesterday lunchtime I ran a three mile loop in the Staffordshire sunshine.

I read a book recently too. Dan Brown’s ‘Inferno’ – enjoyable as expected and, somewhat less expected, thought provoking too… Perhaps there will be a film made of it;  perchance with a cast of stars.

(Reader: “Dave, shut up, that’s just trying too hard”.)

It’s now two minutes to midnight. No, unfortunately not the song. Yes, I must now draw this post to a conclusion of some sort. I’d promise to blog again soon but I won’t make promises I don’t intend to keep. Instead, I’ll say this: I hope to blog again soon – this may have been utterly pointless but it was fun, and probably much needed writing exercise too. And now that the two-year-thick ice is broken, that hope may be well founded.