All Change

April 8, 2012

I’ve had a busy last few weeks. About a month ago I flew out to Israel for a long weekend and as a result have gone 180 degrees on my previous post (in which I declared that I was turning down the opportunity to go and work for a startup developing some neat smartphone technologies).

In just nine days from now I’m going to have finished tearing up my roots (first graduate job and flat) in Cambridge and will be regrowing them in Tel Aviv. There will be challenges and it’ll be hard work, but the work should be rewarding, it will be an adventure, and I will learn so much. It essentially all comes down to the fact that I’ll never be in a better position to take risks like this and if I don’t now I’d always wonder “What if?”. I expect the next time I post on here it will be from Tel Aviv – I have had and continue to have so much to do and so little time to do it in.

While out for the long weekend we went mountain biking near Bet Shemesh:

Here is the Google Doc with all the stats:

Before all the above this had been a draft blog post titled “Out Of Beta”, with the following content:

Both Cardio Grapher and my spring cycling endeavours, that is.

Cycling: North Cambridgeshire 18 at an average moving speed of 16.44 miles per hour. Figure of Eight 19 (same route, more descriptive name) at an average moving speed of 16.73 miles per hour.

Cardio Grapher: I fixed the last known bug in the version one beta series, dropped the beta tag and released the two changes to the market on Tuesday 28th (February). I’ll now be focusing all the time that I do put into Cardio Grapher (which probably won’t be much given the above) on version two. I already have plenty of ideas for features so it’s just a matter of time. I’ve also received numerous emails thanking me for Cardio Grapher and requesting new features which is nice.

Here is the Google Doc with all the stats:

After the above I found time one wonderful Saturday to do another 29 mile figure of eight on the Cambridgeshire roads, at a slower still average moving speed of 16.39 miles per hour (though I will say I really wasn’t trying this time).