Easter Term 2011 – Part 1

May 29, 2011

405.23 miles so far:

Route Date Comments Cateye MyTracks CL Weather
North Cambridgeshire (Variant) 2 23/04/11   Time: 1:28:08
Dist: 26.91m
Av: 18.3mph
Mx: 26.9mph
It failed to record many parts 27.80°C peak
Cambridge Semi Orbital 43 25/04/11   Time: 1:17:12
Dist: 22.88m
Av: 17.7mph
Mx: 25.2mph
Av 28.8km/h ~10°C
North Cambridgeshire (Variant) 3 27/04/11 A new personal best! I’m going to drop the “Variant” from this and make it the normal route. It’s longer than semi orbital and avoids the traffic lights and roundabouts of Cambridge itself. Time: 1:24:43
Dist: 26.81m
Av: 18.7mph
Mx: 27.1mph
Av 30.53km/h ~12°C
North Cambridgeshire 4 28/04/11   Time: 1:26:43
Dist: 26.81m
Av: 18.5mph
Mx: 25.1mph
Av 29.82km/h ~12°C
North Cambridgeshire 5 29/04/11   Time: 1:28:08
Dist: 26.79m
Av: 18.2mph
Mx: 25.7mph
Av 29.6km/h ~18°C
North Cambridgeshire (Variant) 6 30/04/11 I went the longer way back, through Landbeach, Waterbeach, Horningsea and Fen Ditton. The wind was fierce! Time: 1:51:33
Dist: 32.29m
Av: 17.3mph
Mx: 31.1mph
Av 27.96km/h ~18°C
North Cambridgeshire 7 06/05/11 Another personal best! There’s quite a gap between this ride and the last: I did another dissertation sprint, this time for the second draft. Time: 1:25:26
Dist: 26.82m
Av: 18.8mph
Mx: 28.7mph
Av 31.92km/h ~22°C
North Cambridgeshire 8 07/05/11   Time: 1:26:33
Dist: 26.84m
Av: 18.6mph
Mx: 31.0mph
Av 26.89km/h (it failed to record half of the ride) ~24°C (it rained in the morning but had cleared up by the time I left)
Cambridge Orbital 5 (slight deviation from the normal orbital; the rail crossing in Great Shelford was closed so I had to take a diversion) 08/05/11 I made a minor saddle adjustment (brought it forward and down) and it seems to have almost solved the back pain I was having. Now I just need to upgrade the saddle itself and with a bit of luck the only thing that will limit my range is the amount of drink I can carry. Time: 2:47:36
Dist: 49.19m
Av: 17.6mph
Mx: 34.3mph
Av 26.41km/h (it failed to record the first eighth or so of the ride) ~20°C (it rained in the morning again but had cleared up by the time I left)
North Cambridgeshire 9 18/05/11 New personal best, and on the same day I submitted my dissertation (two days early, which is nice)! Time: 1:24:02
Dist: 26.75m
Av: 19.1mph
Mx: 25.2mph
Av 30.97km/h ~14°C (it rained just before I left and the forecast was threatening thunderstorms – nearly didn’t go at all but for the duration I was out not a drop fell!)
North Cambridgeshire 10 19/05/11   Time: 1:27:09
Dist: 26.74m
Av: 18.4mph
Mx: 25.2mph
Av 29.94km/h ~16°C
North Cambridgeshire 11 25/05/11   Time: 1:25:05
Dist: 26.79m
Av: 18.9mph
Mx: 28.4mph
Av 27.97km/h ~19°C

I found something almost worthy of being called a hill, and it seemed to be asking for a picture:

Here is the Google Doc with all the stats: https://www.dhpiggott.net/assets/Cycling/Cycling-Log.html