Wetley Rocks–Flash–Wetley Rocks, Wetley Rocks–Calton Moor–Wetley Rocks

April 6, 2011

(Monday, March 28th)

I’m back home for a few weeks now. Having made reasonable progress with my dissertation this morning I decided to get out on the bike and head into the Peak District that’s located so conveniently nearby. The hills are a pleasant change from the flatness and windiness of Cambridgeshire.

Wetley Rocks–Flash–Wetley Rocks is a 40.46 mile route that on the way out goes through Cheddleton, Leek, Blackshaw Moor, Upper Hulme, and on the way back goes through Dove Head, Longnor, Warslow, Onecote, Bottomhouse, Ipstones, Froghall, Kingsley and Kingsley Moor.

The route includes over 3000 feet of climbing (the My Tracks recording stopped 48.82km in and reported 996m, while the Route Tracer import completed and reports 910m; assuming the My Tracks version was more accurate it is reasonable to extrapolate – there are still plenty of climbs towards the end – and assume the elevation gain was actually at least 1100m; over 3000 feeet). The A53, used between Leek and Flash is actually quite reasonable for cycling on, at least at the time that I was using it.

Maximum speed according to Cateye was 43.4 mph; this is the fastest I’ve gone on a bike yet. On the majority of descents I didn’t dare stop braking, and there were a few valleys that I went into slower than I climbed out of because the amount of surface gravel meant that if I’d needed to stop while descending at anything more than a crawl I’d have been in big trouble.

Average moving speed according to Cateye was 14.6mph, and according to the My Tracks Route Trace import, 22.31km/h. This is no doubt mostly due to the the amount of climbing, but possibly in part to the amount of back pain I had for the last 10 miles or so.

Route: https://www.dhpiggott.net/assets/Cycling/207821707968317225632.00049f91c959631731f4d.kml

A couple of photos from Flash:

British Summer Time is great (photos taken at ~5pm)!

(Wednesday, April 6th)

Wetley Rocks–Calton Moor-Wetley Rocks is a 27.61 mile (according to Cateye) route that on the way out goes through Cheddleton, Leek, Bradnop, Bottomhouse and Waterhouses and on the way back goes through Cauldon Low, Whiston, Froghall, Kingsley and Kingsley Moor. An extra bottle cage and bottle that I’d ordered turned up yesterday and it’s a good thing they did; I got through both, but then, today has apparently been the hottest April 6th on record. Average moving speed (again according to Cateye) was 15.9 mph.

Although My Tracks has had this habit of failing to completely record tracks before, I’ve worked around it in the past by importing GPX files (exported from Route Tracer) to My Tracks. I can’t do that today because I’ve stopped recording Route Traces, as the project is now winding down (I intend to have a first draft dissertation ready on Friday).

Route: https://www.dhpiggott.net/assets/Cycling/207821707968317225632.0004a04340d17c015cdc2.kml

I’ve noticed that a lot of A roads in Staffordshire are comparable in size, surface quality and traffic levels to B roads and lanes in Cambridgeshire, while many B roads and lanes in Staffordshire seem more like dirt tracks. This is the reason this route is entirely on A roads; the openness (in terms of visibility) and better surface quality make them feel safer than smaller roads to me.

Here is the Google Doc with all the stats: https://www.dhpiggott.net/assets/Cycling/Cycling-Log.html