Route Tracer

December 17, 2010

Route Tracer is a utility application I wrote a month or two ago, at the start of my final year project.

Route Tracer is a utility that records smartphone sensor data to gzipped text log files on the SD card. Logs are tagged with a transportation mode (selected when recording is triggered).

Recorded data:

Accelerometer, light sensor, magnetic field, orientation, GPS location, GPS satellites

Transportation tags:

Bike, bus, walk, car, train

RouteTracer is only half of an application; it provides recording but no viewing. What is done with the recorded data is up to you. Data is extracted by copying the files directly from the SD card.

Depending on the phone type, it may be the case that only GPS data is recorded when the screen is switched off. This is due to a problem with certain Android phones, not this application. As a workaround, Route Tracer has an option to prevent the screen from being switched off when recording RouteTraces.

Data can be recorded at one of four rates; with the default rate of HIGH, expect older phones to slow down while recording.


New in 1.0.1


Discontinued along with Cardio Grapher