Note to self: todo.txt-cli

October 1, 2010

I alternate between using pen and paper and a text file as my todo list. Both ways are pretty basic (anything more would be overkill). This morning I thought it might be handy to have a Bash script that would allow me to query and update the list in basic ways. The reason for not using anything more advanced (e.g. a specialised task management program, or writing my own that would use a database) is because it’s important that the list remains human readable and editable in any text editor. I was actually about to start writing a script that would do what I wanted but checked Google for an existing solution and found a nice script on GitHub – todo.txt-cli – that does what I want.

I’ve put the script in my home directory and set it to use my Desktop as the data directory; this means I get done.txt, report.txt and todo.txt files on my Desktop that I can edit myself, or interact with using the scipt. I’ve aliased it as t, as suggested in the project’s documentation – so to add a task I can just do:

t add Blog post about todo.txt-cli

The great thing about this is that I can use it via ConnectBot on my phone – and there is no synchronisation to do because there is just one list.

Attached is a copy of 2.7 for my own reference – you can get the latest at from the github download page.