Note to self: Logitech MX Revolution on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

September 30, 2010

To get the Logitech MX Revolution working in Ubuntu 10.04 there are two problems to overcome:

1) The middle button doesn’t send middle click events by default but instead changes the scroll mode
I installed revoco, having first of all modified the USB deviceID in the source to make it work with my Revolution which seems to be a newer version than that which revoco was written for (I found this out using lsusb). In principle you should only need to run the resulting binary once as it sets the default mode for the mouse on power up, but just to be sure I set up my Gnome session to run it every time I login.

line: #define MX_REVOLUTION2 0xc525 // version RQR02.00_B0020
becomes: #define MX_REVOLUTION2 0xc526 // version RQR02.00_B0020

It’s then just a case of running make and executing the resulting revoco binary as ‘revoco free’.

2) Not all the mouse buttons can be used
I installed btnx and setup the buttons as I like them.

See also: I’ve just stumbled across this blog post but haven’t tried it out.

Attached is an unmodified copy of the revoco 0.5 source.