A workaround for My Tracks issue 100 and a few track uploads

August 22, 2010

After my last post (Cambridge Semi Orbital Trip 22) I decided to post less frequently, instead logging several tracks at a time. I hadn’t yet done enough to trigger a post when the Android 2.1 update for the HTC Hero came out. The update came in two stages – a part one which added a few update features to Android 1.5. I was running the first part of the update but didn’t yet have the second when I recorded North West Cambridge 34, and on having done so found that My Tracks was no longer able to get a GPS fix, thus resulting in North West Cambridge 34 having a recorded distance of 0km. The second part of the update – putting Android 2.1 on the phone – had arrived by the time I recorded Cambridge Semi Orbital 25. With Android 2.1, GPS was working once again but there was a new problem – detailed description is here: https://code.google.com/p/mytracks/issues/detail?id=100

The short story is that as a result of the upgrade to Android 2.1 I couldn’t upload tracks to Google (at least not without uninstalling My Tracks and losing the tracks I wanted to upload). The comment I posted just now on the issue 100 thread explains my workaround:

I’ve just revisited this issue – I had just been recording tracks and leaving them on the phone (I decided that delaying uploading until a fix was found was more desirable than losing the tracks I’d recorded before knowing of the issue).

Anyway, I figured out a workaround just now, for anyone who is still waiting for a solution;

  1. Download the 1.0.14 .apk here: http://code.google.com/p/mytracks/downloads/detail?name=MyTracks.1.0.14.apk&can=2&q=
  2. From a machine with the Android Debug Bridge installed, run: adb install -r MyTracks.1.0.14.apk Option -r preserves your saved tracks
  3. Wait a moment or two and when the notification appears, choose the option to upgrade to the current latest version, 1.0.15.

The process of reinstalling it triggers the correct permissions to be set for the application and you can once again upload tracks. I imagine just reinstalling to 1.0.15 from the .apk would work fine too but I couldn’t easily find a copy.

Hope this helps!

As a result I’ve just uploaded a few recordings that had been waiting on the phone, so here are four tracks that have been waiting on Docs/Maps for a while and seven tracks that have just been uploaded:

Cambridge Semi Orbital 23 – Mon Jul 19 07:05 – 24.28km/h
North West Cambridge 33 – Mon Jul 19 18:51 – 26.36km/h
Cambridge Semi Orbital 24 – Wed Jul 21 18:23 – 26.38km/h
North West Cambridge 34 – Mon Jul 26 19:11 – 0km/h – this was the part one phone update which stopped GPS working – based on the known typical distance (19km) and estimated moving time (from knowing the total time and an estimate of stationary time as 1m32s, i.e. 40m moving time), this was 28.5km/h
Cambridge Semi Orbital 25 – Sun Aug 01 15:40 – 27.69km/h – this was the point from which uploading to Google Docs/Maps failed
Cambridge Semi Orbital 26 – Tue Aug 03 17:22 – 26.62km/h
North West Cambridge 35 – Tue Aug 10 19:21 – 29.57km/h – this is a new personal best on any logged route
North West Cambridge 36 – Wed Aug 11 17:48 – 25.84km/h
North West Cambridge 37 – Sun Aug 15 18:24 – 27.62km/h
Cambridge Semi Orbital 27 – Tue Aug 17 17:34 – 27.1km/h – very wet from Landbeach onwards – so much so the roads were starting to flood and I was surprised my phone was still working by the end
Cambridge Semi Orbital 28 – Fri Aug 20 17:11 – 27.11km/h – very strong headwind from Waterbeach onwards (strongest I can recall), also phone seemed to stop recording from Fen Ditton onwards

I haven’t been able to cycle as frequently as I’d hoped this summer as I find myself putting extra time into work (may have been a little ambitious with the project).